Zambia Diary 2:

The Lower Zambezi & Victoria Falls

This second Zambian itinerary provides a substantially different experience of this top African destination. Of course game viewing and walking still figure extensively.

But the central themes are the opportunities available on the mighty Lower Zambezi River, together with those in and around the town of Livingstone – and not just the iconic Victoria Falls.

The Lower Zambezi National Park provides a virtually unique environment. It is a superb game viewing destination in its own right (although, for some reason, there are no giraffe), but combines this with bordering the absolutely dramatic Lower Zambezi River along its whole length.

And all the camps and lodges that you will stay in here are actually situated on the banks of the river, so that you get the best of both worlds. In addition, therefore, to almost as good game viewing as in the Luangwa Valley, there is also the opportunity for river-based activities, such as fishing and canoeing.

Livingstone, situated close to the border with Zimbabwe, is best noted for one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the extraordinarily impressive Victoria Falls. But in recent years the number of activities that can be undertaken here has blossomed, to the extent that, rather than just planning a couple of nights here, to get your fill of the Falls, you could readily spend a week here, without ever getting bored.

The Zambia (1) Safari Diary focused closely on matters such as the various camps' construction and the food they served. In addition, considerable emphasis was placed on diligently recording the various sightings of animals, birds, trees and the like. Having done this once we now feel that it would be more illuminating to concentrate here more on specific experiences. Sadly, though. we've run out of 'Camp Fire Tales'.

As before, almost all of the photographs accompanying this report relate directly to the trip taken, and the points at which the pictures reproduced on the right hand side relate back to the text are indicated in the text by the symbol (camera icon).

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