An African Safari is probably the most exciting and varied trip that it is possible to experience.

Game viewing, taking to the bush on foot, and ending up by lazing on an idyllic Indian Ocean beach - what more could you ask for?

Relish the day-by-day experiences encountered during four separate safari journeys, through Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania, plus the exotic island of Zanzibar.

AfricaAway is a major constituent of the independent UK-based travel company – The Away Company. Our website covers every single African country, and provides links to several individual country-specific websites – Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Zanzibar. As a company, AfricaAway is regarded as one of the leading African tour operators, renowned for developing a number of unique and innovative tourist activities.

Each of AfricaAway's websites are packed with full details of each country to be visited - National Parks, Camps and Lodges, and the wide range of activities that can be undertaken in each. Historically our specialist destination in Africa has always been Zambia, where we are heavily committed to organising dedicated walking safaris, one of the most popular activities to be found here.

Incidentally, The Away Company's other destination country is Spain, where we are able to offer a large variety of Mediterranean-based holiday properties, together with a selection of rural retreats in the Granada area. We even have a subsidiary that offers Spanish language learning.

This unusual combination - Africa and Spain - arises simply from these being the two countries in which the Away Company's innovative founder, Dr Henry Southworth, above, spends much of his time travelling. Henry's belief is that you should only try to sell an experience that you have a deep personal knowledge of, and a passion for.

Most websites dealing with African safaris will contain a section entitled something like ‘A Typical Day on Safari’, although the truth is that there is really no such thing as a typical day out on safari – the range of potential experiences is quite extraordinary. Hence we thought that the best way of introducing you to what you might expect to encounter in reality would be to describe four separate safari itineraries undertaken by AfricaAway personnel and their guests.

As stated, our county of specialisation is Zambia, and we believe that our experiences here truly excel, to the extent that we detail two such visits here: the first describing the classic national parks of South and North Luangwa, with the second describing the less well-known, but equally fascinating  area of the Lower Zambezi , together with Livingstone, home of the Victoria Falls. From Livingstone an interesting bonus can be obtained by taking a day trip across the border into neighbouring Zimbabwe, or even staying here for a night or two.

The final two itineraries describe a thorough exploration of some of the best destinations in Kenya, followed by a similar traverse of Tanzania, ending up on the nearby tropical island of Zanzibar. We cannot promise that your own trip will include every experience detailed here, but we can promise that it will include experiences every bit as exciting. Do visit our principal AfricaAway website for further details.

But do bear in mind that this is a diary, not a brochure. It's a true description of what we actually saw, and photographed, on a number of trips. There may well be plenty more that we never saw, or didn't have the space to include here. In particular we could only find space for under a thousand of the over twenty thousand photographs that were actually taken, although we have tried to include the best.

Your journey begins with Zambia (1), an account of a complex and exciting tour through Zambia's South and North Luangwa National Parks, featuring a well-balanced combination of game viewing and walking safaris, but, if you prefer, you can check here first to see what might be expected while out on A Typical Day On Safari.