Tanzania & Zanzibar: Day TwentyThree: Return Home

One of the benefits of the London - Tanzania flight schedules is that the return flight, although taking place in the morning, still allows you to travel in from Zanzibar that morning, without the need to overnight in Dar. Thus, after an early breakfast, we made our way back to the airport, just south of Stone Town.

Nothing much to say about the flight back: I watched three films (no idea what they were, now) and also slept for a while. Back in London early in the evening, in good time to make it back home.

In Summary

You know, it just gets better and better! Although Zambia remains our destination of choice, Tanzania undoubtedly runs it close, although to a large extent I think that this was due to our careful choice of destinations here, avoiding those marred by tourism.

And then, of course, the ready opportunity to end up with a few days unwinding on a beach (not really available from either Zambia or Kenya) makes a big difference too. Zanzibar was just wonderful, and I only wish that we could have spent longer there, taking in its attractions in a more leisurely fashion.

Tanzania's game viewing, though, was superb (especially if you like lions). There is little that we didn't see, with bird species weighing in to a much greater extent than ever before.

Probably the main highlights (apart from the lions) had to be arriving just a few minutes after an elephant birth, and getting such excellent viewings as we did of the rare and endangered wild dog.

Truly these four safari trips have been unforgettable experiences. Although we say it ourselves, if you want the very best in African safaris, then you can't do better than come to AfricaAway!





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