Zambia (2): Day Sixteen : Livingstone to Lusaka (Chaminuka)

We had decided to spend as long as possible in the Livingstone area, aiming to get back to Lusaka, prior to our early morning flight back to London, as late as the connecting flight allowed.

So what to do on our final day? There is so much that can be done in the area that another two or three days would have been needed to complete these. For example, at a cost, you can elect to take a helicopter or micro light flight (camera icon), ranging out over the Falls.

If you are particularly adventurous, then, in addition to the 110 metre bungee jump already described, there are numerous activities available (at the appropriate time of the year, dependent on water levels) on the area of the Lower Zambezi, in the gorge below the Falls, such as power boating, white water rafting and the like.

Within Livingstone itself there is the opportunity to just wander around the town itself (camera icon) – a pretty safe experience – or visit the Livingstone Museum, or Railway Museum. On the more peaceful parts of the Upper Zambezi, a mile or so upstream, fishing or canoeing can be enjoyed, and other physical activities include horse riding.

Then there is the countryside around Livingstone itself, for example the area occupied by Songwe Village (camera icon), overlooking the gorge below the Falls. There used to be a camp here offering the ultimate experience of a morning bath out in the open, looking down the gorge. You can even visit here by Quad bike!

Instead we decided that our duty lay more in exploring some more of the accommodation available in the area, principally Tongabezi Lodge, situated some miles upstream (camera icon). Although we were only staying here for lunch, we were given one of their garden cottages to relax in, complete with dayroom, garden and an outdoor shower and bath. Tongabezi is very much an upmarket lodge, and the lunch bore this out.

After lunch, and on heading back to Livingstone, and the airport, we briefly stopped off at their Sindabezi Island Camp (camera icon), a very isolated and private, albeit quite luxurious retreat. Then it was on to Livingstone Island by boat, situated on the edge of the Falls. From here many people changed into swimming costumes and swam across part of the river to a pool situated (like an infinity pool) on the very edge of the Falls (camera icon). To me the idea of swimming up to the edge of a pool that led onto a 110 metre drop was total anathema (I suffer badly from vertigo), and I was content to watch from a safe distance.

We then hurried back to the airport, and onto to Lusaka, once again staying at Chaminuka, but on this occasion without any time to explore its pleasures, although we did, as usual, enjoy a wonderful evening meal.

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