Zambia (2): Day Eight : Chiawa Camp to Sausage Tree Camp

The following morning was booked for fishing once more (camera icon), although with very little success. At least not by Jack or myself. Isaac, the one on the right in the picture, managed to catch 5 Tiger Fish. Brunch was later enjoyed on the boat, floating by the river’s edge. We then canoed down to Sausage Tree Camp, our baggage being taken round separately by road.

Sausage Tree is very different in appearance to Chiawa, but equally luxurious, the accommodation consisting of six intriguing Bedouin-style white canvas tents (camera icon), most luxuriously furnished(camera icon), each with a private open-air bathroom, with running hot and cold water and a flush "loo with a view".

And the food managed to even surpass that supplied at our previous location. Indeed their French trained chef was renowned for creating cuisine from his bush kitchen that gave him the reputation as one of Zambia's finest chefs. Sausage Tree Camp also has an open bar policy, so guests are free to indulge as they so choose.

Probably the best game viewing moment was early on in the evening when we observed a pride of lions setting out on a hunt (unfortunately we were too fascinated by what unfolded to take any photographs). The pride consisted of three females, together with four young cubs, barely old enough to hunt. In fact we reckoned that it was probably their first hunt as such.

As the females led out, trying to close up on some antelope, the cubs brought up the rear, self-importantly mimicking everything that their mothers did. You could hear them thinking “we’re big lions now”.

Unfortunately they soon tired of this, and just as the pride got close to a herd of impala, two cubs erupted from some bushes on one side, piling into the other two cubs, all four then rolling down the slope, scrapping furiously.

The females just heaved a patient sigh, and continued with the serious business of the evening. We doubt very much that the hunt eventually proved to be successful, but the kids have to learn somehow.

During the subsequent night drive we managed to spot (by the aid of the guide's powerful spotlight) both lion (camera icon) and leopard (camera icon) - a real treat that.

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