Zambia (2): Day Seven : Chongwe River Camp to Chiawa Camp

The following morning we departed for our first camp actually situated within the confines of the National Park itself (and hence somewhat more expensive). Despite its somewhat ‘bushy’ appearance (camera icon), Chiawa Camp is actually a very high quality camp indeed, with many sophisticated touches, such as its riverside relaxation area (camera icon). Lunch, too, was a real treat, being served on a shaded pontoon (camera icon), which gently floated downstream while we ate.

In the afternoon we went on a game drive, inevitably coming across an extremely photogenic lion once again (camera icon), opposite, together with really vast quantities of other game, too numerous to catalogue here.

Then in the early evening we came across the pride of lions shown below (camera icon), lazing around as only lions can, and indeed this photograph now graces the wall of my sitting room in my house out in Spain – an ever-present reminder of a truly wonderful trip.

At the evening meal we were offered bream – realising that this was the first time that we had actually been offered fish to eat whilst on the Lower Zambezi. And delicious it was too.

Before going to bed I observed that the room was somewhat infested with mosquitoes, and so sprayed thoroughly both inside and outside the mosquito net fitted over the bed. I then had to clear away all the dead bodies that landed on the bed.

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