Zambia (2): Day Three : Kanyemba Island Bush Camp

In addition to the main lodge, Kanyemba has recently constructed a superb bush camp on the far side of the large island situated in the middle of the river, opposite to the lodge, and set in a mahogany forest often utilised by elephants to cool off in the heat of the day. Built with natural materials, the four chalets (camera icon) and restaurant/lounge area follow an innovative style and concept in their simplicity.

In many respects Kanyemba Island Bush Camp is really for the more adventurous guests who want to experience close proximity to the African bush and its inhabitants. The chalets are very private and secluded, built on stilts, affording a spectacular view of the surroundings. Meals here are served on a deck suspended above the lagoon, with a 180 degree view into the Zambezi landscape (camera icon).

Normally one would take a short boat journey around to the far side of the island to reach the Bush Camp. But of course we decided to do it the hard way, landing on the near side of the island instead, and taking a circuitous route around the island, on foot, to reach our destination.

Although Kanyemba Lodge is not really seen as a wildlife destination in its own right (there are no big cats – or at least we didn’t see any), there are, as we have seen, buffalo and elephant in the vicinity, together also with, among others, vervet monkeys, warthog, puku and bushbuck. However, possibly due to being more secluded, the island is full of game.

In particular elephants: our several hour walk around the island was dominated by the need to dodge, hide from and take large detours around, a multitude of elephant. Even before we landed on the island (camera icon) it was apparent that we were in for an elephant moment or two!

After an excellent lunch we decided simply to chill out in camp, taking a much-needed break. In the evening we took a brief boat ride, observing a splendid sunset (camera icon), before taking an early night, following another excellent meal, prepared using very basic facilities.

In fact it wasn’t a great night’s sleep, with some very noisy animal and bird life in the vicinity. Surprisingly, although it was very hot on going to bed, I needed two blankets and a duvet later on.

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