Zambia Safari Diary (1) : Itinerary

You can of course follow this itinerary through day by day, following each day's link. But if you wish to visit (or revisit) a particular day then you might find it easier to go there direct, using the links below.

Day One : London to Lusaka and Kapani Lodge
                                A first Mosi + lion cub with mother

Day Two : Kapani Lodge to Luwi Bush Camp
                                Baby Yowl + The Carpet Slipper Safari

Day Three : Luwi Bush Camp to Nsolo Bush Camp
                                Wild dog + buffalo

Day Four : Nsolo Bush Camp to Kakuli Bush Camp
                                The ‘bush’ gin & tonic + lions at night

Day Five : Kakuli Bush Camp to Tafika Camp
                                Lions mating + a poacher

Day Six : Tafika Camp to Chikoko Tree Bush Camp
                                Micro light flight + an old guide’s trick

Day Seven : Chikoko Tree Bush Camp to Crocodile River Bush Camp
                                The ‘daily newspaper’ + a leopard moment

Day Eight : Crocodile River Bush Camp to Kaingo Camp
                                Excellent sundowners + the mating habits of lions

Day Nine : Kaingo Camp to Tena Tena
                                Leopard sighting + a Japanese film producer

Day Ten : Tena Tena to North Luangwa
                                A tough drive + hunting trophies

Day Eleven : Mwanya Bush Camp
                                Poacher turned guide + Kangaroos

Day Twelve : Mwanya Bush Camp to Chifunda Bush Camp
                                GPS + yellow fever certificates

Day Thirteen : Chifunda Bush Camp to Mwaleshi Camp
                                Tsetse flies + ‘more lion’

Day Fourteen : Mwaleshi Camp to Buffalo Camp
                                Wildebeest + attacked by lions on foot

Day Fifteen : Buffalo Camp
                                Chased by Charlie + tracking skills

Day Sixteen : Buffalo Camp to Kafunta River Lodge
                                Lions in camp + ‘bloody useless women’

Day Seventeen : Kafunta River Lodge to Kafunta Island Bush Camp
                                Fish eagle + ‘I keep thinking it’s Thursday’

Day Eighteen : Kafunta Island Bush Camp
                                More lions + a lesson learned

Day Nineteen : Kafunta Island Bush Camp to Chichele Lodge
                                Leopard sighting + a birthday surprise

Day Twenty : Chichele Lodge to Puku Ridge Bush Camp
                                Buffalo charge + self preservation

Day TwentyOne : Puku Ridge Camp to Flatdogs Camp
                                Sausage trees + Norman Carr’s grave

Day TwentyTwo : Flatdogs Camp to Chaminuka Lodge
                                Cheese factory visit + playing snooker

Day TwentyThree : Return Home
                                Sightings + experiences and perceptions