Tanzania & Zanzibar: Day Two : Tent With A View Lodge

In the morning, still recovering from the flight out, and the long drive to Saadani, we took advantage of the hammocks supplied to each tent (camera icon), and then later took a dip in the sea, since the tide had come in by then, which was extremely refreshing.

In the afternoon we went for a splendid game drive in the National Park. There had obviously been rain recently, since the roads were somewhat soggy (camera icon). One of the advantages of visiting different countries is the new game viewing experiences that result. Thus we saw blue monkey, red duiker, reedbuck, lilac breasted roller, white bearded wildebeest, woolly-necked storks,  Maasai giraffe, buffalo, eland (camera icon), waterbuck and the Lichtenstein Hartebeest.

Other excursions offered here include a drive to their tree hide (undertaken the next morning), an hour long bush walk, short bird watching walks and  full day game drives including a two hour boat ride on the Wami river. You can also take a canoe ride along the nearby Mafui creek (camera icon), again with a huge quantity of birdlife to see.

There is also an elephant project in the area, together with a Wildlife Research Centre, aimed at establishing safe wild-life corridors, in the park, in view of the substantial increase in poaching in the country.

The hotel’s restaurant looked out over the stunning Indian Ocean and offered some wonderful food with a strong seafood focus. It was also accompanied by a wide and varied wine menu and a well-stocked bar.

Dinner each night here must be a unique bush dining experience and it rounded off a great first full day in Tanzania for us.

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