Tanzania & Zanzibar Safari Diary : Itinerary

You can of course follow this itinerary through day by day, following each day's link. But if you wish to visit (or revisit) a particular day then you might find it easier to go there direct, using the links below.

Day One : London to Dar and Saadani
                                Beach + bush

Day Two : Tent With A View Lodge
                                Hammocks + eland

Day Three : Saadani to Mikumi
                                Bogged down + bush babies

Day Four : Vuma Hills Tented Camp
                                Buffalo + elephant

Day Five : Mikumi to Selous
                                Good hammerkop + bad host

Day Six : Sable Mountain Lodge
                                Boat trip + crocodiles

Day Seven: Sable Mountain to Rufiji River Camp
                                Lions + pelicans

Day Eight: Rufiji River Camp
                                Vervets + tree frog

Day Nine: Rufiji to Lake Manze Camp
                                Sacred ibis + no electricity

Day Ten: Lake Manze Camp
                                Lions + Maasai guides

Day Eleven: Selous to Ruaha
                                Wild dog + bucket showers

Day Twelve: Kigelia to Mwagusi
                                Dassie + lions

Day Thirteen: Mwagusi to Ruaha River Lodge
                                More lions + elephant

Day Fourteen: Ruaha River Lodge
                                Lions with buffalo + elephant birth

Day Fifteen: Ruaha River Lodge to Mdonya
                                Agama lizard + giraffe carcass

Day Sixteen: Mdonya Old River Camp
                                Tsetse flies + lion kill

Day Seventeen: Tanzania to Zanzibar
                                Idyllic beach + perfect food

Day Eighteen: Echo Beach Hotel
                                Spice Tour + beach

Day Nineteen: Echo Beach to Pongwe Beach
                                Jozani Forest + Pearl & Dean

Day Twenty: Pongwe Beach Hotel
                                Bike ride + beach

Day TwentyOne: Pongwe to Fumba Beach Lodge
                                ‘Baobab Suite’ + beach

Day TwentyTwo: Fumba Beach Lodge
                                Lizards mating + Stone Town

Day TwentyThree: Return Home
                                As good as it gets + Book with AfricaAway!