Kenya Diary : Itinerary

You can of course follow this itinerary through day by day, following each day's link. But if you wish to visit (or revisit) a particular day then you might find it easier to go there direct, using the links below.

Day One : London to Nairobi and Amboseli
                                Superb Starlings + Inferior Cars

Day Two : Porini Amboseli Camp to Tawi Lodge
                                Spear Throwing + An Echo From The Past

Day Three : Amboseli to Ol Pejeta
                                Secretary Birds + Hartebeest

Day Four : Porini Rhino Camp
                                Blind Rhino + Hybrid Zebra

Day Five : Porini Rhino Camp to Ol Pejeta Bush Camp
                                Charlie The Chimp + Puffy & Puddy

Day Six : Ol Pejeta to Meru (Rhino River Camp)
                                The Equator + Mountain Biking

Day Seven: Rhino River Camp to Elsa's Kopje
                                White Rhino + Rock Hyrax

Day Eight: Elsa's Kopje
                                Lions + An Eclipse

Day Nine: Elsa's Kopje to Offbeat Meru Camp
                                Gerenuk + A Terrapin

Day Ten: Meru to Lewa (Lewa Safari Camp)
                                Marathon + Lions

Day Eleven: Lewa Safari Camp
                                Sheeba + A Camel Ride

Day Twelve: Lewa Safari Camp to Borana Ranch
                                Elvis + Ginger

Day Thirteen: Lewa to Samburu
                                Dik Dik + Leopard

Day Fourteen: Saruni Samburu to Joy's Camp
                                Crocodile + Fighting Giraffe

Day Fifteen: Joy's Camp
                                Joy + A Squacco Heron

Day Sixteen: Samburu to the Olare Orok Conservancy
                                Wildebeest + Lions

Day Seventeen: Porini Lion Camp
                                Offbeat Mara Camp + A Leopard Kill

Day Eighteen: Porini Lion Camp
                                To The Mara + A Rescue

Day Nineteen: Porini Lion Camp to Porini Mara Camp
                                Cheetahs + A Birthday

Day Twenty: Porini Mara Camp to Lake Victoria
                                Making Fire + Mfangano Island                               

Day TwentyOne: Lake Victoria to Lake Naivasha
                                A Scary Moment + The Great Rift Valley

Day TwentyTwo: Loldia House
                                Lake Nakuru + Flamingos

Day TwentyThree: Lake Naivasha to Nairobi
                                A School Visit + Nairobi National Park

Day TwentyFour: Nairobi
                                Out Of Africa + Giraffes & Elephants

Day TwentyFive: Return Home
                                Kenya: The Best And The Worst